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As a trainee of WebTools team, you will participate in the development of PhiloTrack, an internal tool dedicated to the invoicing management of the projects of the different clients involved in a consultancy. This project is managed like the rest of Philotech's existing projects, with a team of between 3 and 5 people and using agile methodologies, specifically Scrum. In this project you will learn to analyze, design and develop software applications starting from high level requirements. This project is built with a three-layer architecture using technologies such as C# for the back-end and Javascript, specifically the Angular2+ framework for the front-end. These technologies are widely used in the web-oriented software development sector.

Principales características

Fecha de inicio 27/02/2023
Fecha de fin 30/08/2023
Duración (meses) 6
Jornada 9:00H - 14:00H
Funciones - Knowledge about some software for control version (SVN or git/GitLab preferably). - Analyse, design and develop software applications starting from high level requirements. Support: - Apply and improve modern JavaScript and/or C# knowledge, programming skills in OOP and in general. - Research and study about the web development framework you are working with. - Use about specific tools/processes involved in the software engineering domain: Requirements Traceability Tool, Task Manager, Integrated Development Environment, Version control, configuration management and so on. - Perform detailed but agile code and functional reviews to make sure the delivery quality is at its best as we use a cross-review process.
Ayuda económica 450,00 €
Periodo ayuda económica Mes
Provincia Madrid
Población Getafe
Formación ...
Idiomas Inglés
Habilidades Programación web, Java Script