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At HORSE, we work every day to develop responsible, sustainable and accessible mobility solutions for the present and future that facilitate the mobility transition. We approach the challenge of decarbonization in a pragmatic way considering that, globally, there are about 2 billion cars in the world, and it is estimated that in 2040 more than half of the new vehicles will still be combustion vehicles. At Horse, through our 9 factories and 3 R&D centers in 7 different countries, we are innovating and deploying new technologies to improve hybrid engine efficiency and researching new e-fuel and Hydrogen technologies to offer net zero emission alternatives. HORSE has a 2030 Environmental, Social and Governance Plan (ESG) fully aligned with its business strategy. It is looking for a profile to support the ESG Management during the development of its Annual Report 2024. During 6 months the selected person will provide support in the elaboration of the company's non-financial information, reporting to the ESG Strategy and Reporting Manager.

Principales características

Fecha de inicio 01/09/2024
Fecha de fin 28/02/2025
Duración (meses) 6
Jornada completa
Funciones Assist with the Development of Our Reporting Tools: Play a key role in shaping the future of our company's reporting infrastructure. You'll help define the structure of our reporting tools, identify key contributors of both qualitative and quantitative information, and prepare for the upcoming European reporting standards (CSRD). Additionally, you'll assist in designing dashboards that track various performance indicators, providing a hands-on experience in data management and analytics. Contribute to the Preparation of the 2024 Annual Report: Get involved in the crucial process of assembling HORSE's 2024 Annual Report. Your tasks will include gathering and monitoring non-financial information to comply with Law 11/2018, utilizing GRI (Global Reporting Initiative) and SASB (Sustainability Accounting Standards Board) indicators as benchmarks. You'll also support the drafting of report sections and collaborate in the third-party verification process of non-financial data. This role offers a comprehensive insight into corporate sustainability practices and enhances your understanding of global reporting standards. Support External Sustainability Assessments: Engage in the process of responding to external sustainability questionnaires, such as Ecovadis and the Global Compact CoP. This responsibility will enhance your knowledge of how companies communicate their sustainability efforts and impact to external stakeholders, providing a practical experience in sustainability reporting and corporate responsibility.
Observaciones What is in it for you? Work experience in the corporate department of a multinational automotive company. Hands-on learning about the latest ESG reporting requirements. Participation in the implementation of one of the leading sustainability reporting tools in the market. Acquiring knowledge on the link between reporting and the ESG strategy and governance of a large company. Interaction with many departments involved in the preparation of the company's non-financial report.
Ayuda económica 600,00 €
Periodo ayuda económica Mes
Dirección Avenida de Europa 1
Código postal 28108
Provincia Madrid
Población Madrid
Formación Who We're Looking For: Team-Oriented Communicators: You thrive in collaborative settings and are equipped with excellent communication skills. Your ability to articulate complex ideas clearly will be crucial in our diverse, multilingual environment. Adaptable Learners: Your flexibility allows you to thrive in a fast-paced environment. You're not just open to learning—you're eager for it, especially when it comes to new and emerging sustainability practices. Proficient in English: A high level of spoken and written English (C1) is essential, as you'll be dealing with complex documentation and multi-national team communications. This internship is an excellent opportunity for someone looking to make a significant impact in the field of sustainability while gaining invaluable insights into the corporate world's environmental strategies. If you're ready to apply your academic knowledge in a practical setting and help shape the future of sustainability in business, HORSE is the place for you.
Idiomas Español, Inglés, Francés